How to Fix Startup Disk Full on Mac OS?

Every Mac user sooner or later will experience a full startup disk. And when it happens, annoying notifications are showing up again and again.

We have a solution to understand what is going wrong and to fix the issue. 

The message saying that your startup disk is almost full could appear only when there is a lack of free disk space. To fix this you should remove unneeded files and applications which could waste tons of disk space.

Shorui is the app that will help you take your mac under your control. Shorui provides visual breakdown of disk space in form of an interactive map. Shorui shows biggest folders and files and allows easily remove them.

So to fix startup disk full issue follow instructions:

  1. Download Shorui from Mac App Store
  2. Launch it
  3. Select your startup disk for scan
  4. Select big unneeded files
  5. Move them to trash
  6. Empty trash

Shorui moves files to trash because it is safe way to remove files. You can restore from trash any file that you accidentally removed.

However in situation when your disk is full, you should remove files from disk permanently, to free up disk space. So empty trash is very important step.

To prevent this issue in the future, you should always have 15% free space of disk capacity. Low free disk space generates slowness and errors especially in performance demanding apps.

Regular examination and cleanup of your disk space boost performance of your mac.

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