How to Rename Multiple Files at once on Mac

Until macOS Yosemite, for renaming multiple files on a Mac simultaneously, you either had to use a third party app or create an Automator action. Now, however, Mac OS X include a built-in renaming tool right into Finder. This feature allows Mac users to rename group of files and folders instantly.

Before we show how to do it, let’s take a closer look at renaming rules that Finder provides.

  1. Replace text – you enter string you want to change in the file names
  2. Add text – you add some text before or after name
  3. Format – you specify format of new file name

After you decide what rule is suitable for your task, you ready to rename files.

How to batch rename files on Mac

  1. Select in Finder all files which you want to rename
  2. Click the cog icon in the toolbar and choose Rename items…
  3. Specify renaming rules
  4. Click Rename

Usually the renaming process happens instantly, however if you’re renaming thousands of items it will take some time to complete the renaming procedure.